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Frequently Asked Questions

As incoming  athletes to the Bases and Laces Academy, you may have some questions about the program.  We've compiled a list of the most popular questions.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us today.


Do you provide equipment for my child?

Athletes are kindly requested to bring their personal equipment, including gloves, face masks (softball), helmets (with face mask), bats, and batting gloves. Additionally, it is advisable for athletes to bring a water bottle for their convenience. Please note that for safety reasons, we do not permit glass containers inside the facility.

I see I can pick either 6pm or 7pm start time.  Is there a difference?

The 6pm start or 7pm start for both Baseball (in January), and Softball (session 2, starting January 30) are offered with these 2 starting times.  

Both classes for Softball (Tues) and Baseball (Fri) will operate the same, we anticipate the 6pm will sell out faster than 7pm.  We suggest finding your ride share partner and teammate ASAP to reserve your spots today.  Classes are kept to a very low 12 athletes per class MAX to ensure enough reps for all.

We're new in town, make sure you share us with your teammates!  

What skills will my child be learning?

When enrolling for either our baseball or softball academy's, your athlete will be considered "Level 1".  In Level 1, our primary emphasis is on mastering the fundamental aspects of the game, including throwing, catching, and batting techniques. As your young athlete progresses within our program, you can expect to receive detailed assessments highlighting their improvements and personalized recommendations for their next developmental steps.

Most asked question:  What experience level is required

Athletes ages 6-11 are all welcome. We understand participants will be arriving with varying levels of experience. If your young athlete has recently expressed an interest in transitioning from sports other sports such as Soccer, Hocker, Dance or Gymnastics to either Baseball or Softball this spring, we extend a warm welcome to Bases and Laces Academy. We encourage you to enroll them in our program.

For those athletes who have already garnered three years or more of experience in the game, we also invite you to join us. In these age groups, our primary focus is on honing fundamental skills and techniques, as they serve as the bedrock of a player's development. Subsequent levels, such as Level 2 and beyond, delve deeper into situational aspects and positional play.

Your child's journey in Baseball or Softball starts here, and we are delighted to have them as part of our program.

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